We are looking for students and postdocs to join our labs!

Undergraduates: Students from Chemistry or Biological/Biomedical Sciences will be considered. Please fill in the contact forms to tell us why you are interested in joining or write us an email. Preference will be given to undergraduates with an understanding of Biochemistry/ Cell Biology/ Immunology and strong GPA scores.

Graduates (Masters&PhD):  Students can register for a degree either in Chemistry or Biology and complete their research projects under our mentorship. Prior research experience is required.

Please check out the individual webpages for Masters & PhD degree eligibility information.

Biology: https://nau.edu/cefns/natsci/biology/degrees-programs/

Chemistry: https://nau.edu/cefns/natsci/chem-biochem/degrees-and-programs/

Rajasekaran Lab

Bldg#36, Room 432

Flagstaff 86011, Arizona

Phone: +19285236997

Fax:      +19285238111

Email:  Naren.raj@nau.edu


Varadaraj Lab

Bldg#36, Room 430

Flagstaff 86011, Arizona

Phone: +19285236391

Fax:      +19285238111

Email:  Archana.varadaraj@nau.edu

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